Victoria Kray | President |

Victoria Kray is a 4th year Management Student focusing in Marketing. Victoria loves to bake in her spare time and loves the community in Kelowna. She held the role of Manager of Charitable events for two years before making the decision to run for President. She is inspired by seeing individuals grow and develop confidence throughout their involvement in the MSA.


Julie Paquette | VP Student Resources |

Julie is a 2nd year student with and interest in Finance and Supply Chain Management. She enjoys being outdoors and soaking up the sun on the slopes as she is a talented snowboarder! She is passionate about engaging students with the MSA as she found that it helped her become the student she is today. She has huge plans for the MSA and cannot wait to see what the year has in store!


George Reifel | VP Finance |

George is a 4th year Management Student from Vancouver, BC. He is specializing in Finance and plans to take his CFA in the near future. Upon graduation George hopes to find himself in the investment banking world. He has been involved with the MSA for 2 years and has been very grateful for the opportunities it has provided for him. When he is not focusing on school you’ll probably find him climbing or skiing at Revelstoke.


Mikaila Kanten | VP Events |

Mikaila Kanten is a 4th year Management student from Calgary, AB. With a specialized focus in marketing, she wishes to pursue a career in digital communications or operations. Her interests include dance, graphic design, and interior design/real estate. Mikaila believes the MSA is excellent way to inspire management students and give them opportunities that enhance their interest of studies. She is excited to bring events to the students as a way to interact with peers, faculty, and professionals within the Kelowna community.


Dylan Stevenson | VP Corporate Relations |

Dylan is a 3rd year Management Student from Ladner, BC. His primary interests include Human Resources and Business Development. Having three years of involvement with the MSA under his belt, he is proud to say that the network he has built over the years will help him immensely as VP Corporate Relations. He cannot wait for the year ahead and looks forward to connecting with the incoming students!


Austin Penrose | VP Marketing |

Austin Penrose is a 4th year student from Vancouver BC, interested in pursuing a career in Marketing and Business Development. Outside of school he enjoys playing basketball and staying active. After working with local businesses within the community he hopes to take the skills he has learned and transfer them to building the MSA brand. This year he is excited to see what new heights can be reached within the MSA.


Gaurav Lalwani | VP Academics |

Gaurav Lalwani is a 4th year Management Student from Guangzhou, China. With a focus in strategy and operations, he aspires to join a management consulting firm in the future. Being involved in the MSA since his first year, he can’t wait to give back to the organization that has given him so much. This year he looks forward to seeing management students push their academic excellence beyond the classroom.